Forex Broker – Help You to Gain Profit in Forex Trading

Forex Broker – Help You to Gain Profit in Forex Trading

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Forex trading has become more and more popular as time goes on. The modern era encourages the business world to develop and evolve. This is resulting in a newborn of a new type of business. And you will need a Forex Broker to trading Forex.

FOREX investment, as much discussed, is one of the types of investments that have the most potential to provide rewards.

And Forex trading is an activity that requires you to have good analytical skills to make a prediction. Because trading is all about currencies and currency is the most liquid financial market in the world.

Being a Forex trader is one of the business professions that is starting to attract many people.

Trading with Avatrade – The Best Forex Broker

To be a Forex trader, you have to enlist yourself to a Forex broker. In this modern era, the forest broker can be in a form of a smartphone application.

Therefore, getting yourself an app that acts as a Forex broker is important for you to become a Forex trader.

One of the best Forex brokers available on the market is Avatrade.


Avatrade is a legitimate Forex broker that has a lot of bases in various regions around the world. Such as the Middle East, British Virgin Islands, Japan, Australia, Europe, and South Africa.

This Forex Broker handle many currencies. Start from cryptocurrencies, commodities, indexes, Forex, and CFDs on stocks as the main deal.

This Forex broker having the main base in Dublin Ireland. It has been rolling this business for more than 10 years since started in 2006.

Avatrade itself was born because of the cooperation between several smart people. They were professionals and experts in a related fields such as monetary and online trading.

As time flies, the people behind the scene are always striving to improve the Forex broker. They want to become one of the leading Forex brokers around the world.

They also respect all of the customers until today. Therefore Avatrade earned the trust of a lot of people from around the world.

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Features of Avatrade Forex Broker

Once you trust Avatrade as your Forex broker, you will notice that there are several features you can access.

The first is the educational tools that are created and dedicated for educational purposes only.

The tools allow you to dig in knowledge about trading and the currencies available in Avatrade. You can also learn through various technical analysis so you can acquire more benefit in the future.

Aside from that, you will also gain access through an e-book. The e-book contains knowledge about trading, currency, analysis, and more.

There are also guides and manuals provided by a feature called MetaTrader 4. The feature is essential, especially for those who are a beginner in Forex trading.

Check out this sample training video about basic Forex :

AvaTrade offers accredited financial training materials for any trading level. Learn the basic at your own pace

Another feature from the Forex Broker is that they have a separate and dedicated website called The Sharp Trader.

This website will give you a lot of information required for trading.

Based on the knowledge level, you can access various videos from beginner to expert levels.

Several market analysts will give you data and predictions, along with an analytical video. It helps you succeed in online trading.

Other trading tools available are calculators, trading platforms, economic calendars, etc.

Talking about security, you don’t have to worry. Because of Avatrade’s secure data and money through 256-bit SSL encryption across the entire platform.

Also, it is embedded with McAfee Secure and True-Site identity assurance to prevent identity theft and fraud.

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Benefit of Avatrade Forex Broker

When Avatrade offers you to join them as a Forex trader, they will offer you several things. You can gain the offer instantly once you become their trader

After you download the application, you will have to sign up and create an account.

Then, the Forex Broker will give you two options.

The first is a demo account and the second is to create your real account.

The real account requires you to deposit a certain amount of money. Because this is where all of the trading activities happen.

If you want to practice your skill in trading, then you can try the demo account.

On the demo account, you will receive a good amount of money to start trading. But you can’t withdraw all of the money you gain.

Login to Avatrade Demo Account

AvaTrade Over You a FREE $100,000 Demo Forex Trading Account With No Risk and No Obligation

The closing procedures in Avatrade are relatively easy. It is easier than the other brokers. This is another benefit of the Forex broker.

Let’s say you have an account, then you can log in to the MyAva. This is your personalized account that will store your money you got from trading.

Then, simply follow the guide to withdraw the money in your MyAva. Once you withdraw the money, then you can call customer service to close your account. Or you can email your account manager to make a request to close your account.

What’s more is that you can get a referring bonus up to $400. You can get this bonus when you offer your friend to use this Forex broker.

Also, the bonus is determined by the amount of money deposited by your friend.

If your friend only deposits around $250, you will get a $75 bonus. But if your friend deposits bigger money such as $10,000 will make you get $400 bonus.

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Pros of Avatrade

There are several reasons why people choose Avatrade as their Forex broker.

The first is that the Forex Broker is already established in several regions across the world. So each region or country has its own regulatory agencies.

There are several choices available for the Forex broker. But the platforms offered by this Forex Broker for trading is one of the best.

The application supports 14 languages while the trading platforms are able to be translated into 20 different languages.

And the demo account is one of the pros of Avatrade for you to train and learn about trading.

The last is that the breadth of trading assets is considered one of the best by many people.

Cons of Avatrade

Of course, Avatrade also has several downsides worth mentioning.

The biggest downside is that it is not available in the USA. This is because there is no regulatory agency in the country.

Therefore no customers from the USA are allowed to join this Forex broker.

Some people regret this downside. Because the USA might be a potential market for the company to grow and gain more benefits.

Another downside is that the long waiting time for transferring funds and withdrawal. Transferring funds between account take up to 5 days to complete. While withdrawal can take up to 10 days to complete.

Trade with Confidence


Overall, Avatrade is a great and trustworthy Forex broker.

This is because they have a lot of bases and regulatory agencies in various regions. Although the customers from the USA are still not able to become Avatrade’s Forex trader.

The various trading platforms and breadth trading assets also attract the interest of beginners and experts in online trading.

Don’t forget about the referral bonus and the demo account available for practice and learn.

Avatrade could be the best Forex broker, especially for beginners. Because you will be able to access various guides, manuals, and analysis to help you understand online trading better.

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