Foreign Exchange Rate History

Foreign Exchange Rate History

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There are all types of tools that a trader could use to help them make the best trading decision and foreign exchange rate history is one of it.

This term refers to the collection of historical foreign exchange rates that happen in the past.

Currency pair had been traded for many years and the record of it was well kept and acts as the source of information.

Foreign Exchange Rate History – The Needs

The foreign exchange rate history is a very important tool for a trader. They can use it for several different reasons such as:


To speculate about the rates of a currency pair that is possible to happen based on the exchange rates in the past.


To be better informed for the purpose of physical delivery. This works for people who are looking for using the currency rates not just for trading but for something else. Something far more personal.

For example, a person can use this information to find out the rates they are going to get today. They can compare today’s rates to the rates in the past to make better vacation planning.

Those who want to go on a vacation abroad need to plan ahead. And knowing the rates they will get today will help them to have better preparation.


For learning purposes. The historical data usually showed up in the form of a chart. And trader will be able to see the up and down of the rates.

A new trader can use foreign exchange rate history to learn more about currency exchange rates.

They can learn by finding out why there is a drop or rise in the rates at a specific time, based on what is happening in the real world at the same time, and so on.

Foreign Exchange Rate History – The Place to Find

0rder to get the foreign exchange rate history, a trader could look for it in many different sources. Such as from the internet.

There are many online sources that provide this information, most of them come from a Forex broker. Some of them provide the information for free while others charge a nominal fee for it.

That is why every trader who wants to get this data needs to do their research on where to find the best place that offers such information.

They also can opt to get the data from several sources at once, for comparison purposes.

Foreign Exchange Rate History – The Advantages

Using the foreign exchange rate history, traders will gain advantages such as:

Range of Data

When a trader is looking for this kind of information, they will literally get a stream of data that comes from many years before.

That is why it is very important to have set the historical range that people want to look for. It could be varying, depending on the person’s needs.

The historical exchange rate is available for a week, a month, a year, 5 years, 10 years and more than that.

It means that the trader can get information about the foreign exchange rate history in the past as far as they want.

Display of Data

The data could be shown in the form of a graphic or a chart. So this form makes it easier to read and understand. A chart will help to make the data easier to read.

And any pattern that shows up will be easier to recognize. Thus the trader will be able to analyze it and take the necessary action based on it.